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Are you excited to transform your life into lifestyle? If yes, then you are in the safe hands. We are making a squad of enthusiastic bloggers who want to break the chain of 9-5 job work culture into a dream life with their type of hobbies as well as interests.

Long story short, My name is Harpreet, I used to be a full-time software programmer. I worked for almost 5 years with a few IT companies. But, I never enjoyed my income in the work culture. No doubt my bosses were never bad, but there was not enough kick to bring life. I left job started working as a freelancer, I worked with many foreign clients across the world, but again I was life stuck to chair 24 hours to do coding. I started an IT company Vitesse Logiciels but closed it very soon. I tried for many government jobs but did not find luck there too. May be ” Main hu he nahi is dunia ki”. During my jobs, I was always curious to know what digital marketing people do actually. I tried to get knowledge from some of my colleagues who were working on some projects, but they did not give me enough knowledge, might be people do not want to give free knowledge.

Later in July 2017, I started e-commerce business with the name “Vogue And You“, it was closed because of some conflicts with the Vogue Magazine. Then I revamp my business and name it “Ma Panache“. During this time I realize the role of digital marketing in any business. I was so shocked by the fact that anyone can become a software developer but branding, digital marketing, search engine optimization, etc. are the skills needed by any business to become a top player in the online business world across the globe. There my journey of learning digital marketing started. I never paid a penny to anyone to teach me all this. All of my ideas are time tested with proved results.

Digital Marketing Lord is basically a blogging website where we generally talk about all the digital marketing practices required to promote any website, or mobile application online across all the search engines as well as social media websites.

Here, one can learn how to convert your website, mobile application, or blog into earning sources as well as make money from blogging, AdSense, and affiliate marketing. Digital Marketing Lord is a global leader in teaching you Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Branding, Brand Awareness, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimization Digital Marketing Strategies, and untold secrets of digital marketing used by various digital marketing experts across the globe.

With our time tested digital marketing methodologies, you can see website rank improvement, and increased conversion rates immediately. Digital Marketing Lord was not started with the idea of doing digital marketing for anyone, but it was started to experiment with various digital marketing strategies. If you want to learn about digital marketing, Contact Us.

What is our aim?

  • To deliver quality content free of cost with 99.99% practical tips to revamp your boring life into a creative and financially independent lifestyle with the help of blogging in a field which your are passionate about.
  • Documenting journey from 0 to topmost level, not giving you modified content.
  • Delivering education beyond basic WordPress, and Searh Engine Optimization, and Social media marketing techniques.
  • Making a great community of enthusiastic, and like-minded bloggers

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