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My raw uncut podcast journey day 1

Your voice is your ambassador to the outside world, I personally believe in this. Digital marketing strategies, tactics, tricks, hacks are of the hallmarks. This is the only field that gives us the freedom that is digital wisdom. Patience, empathy, gratitude, clouds and dirt, hustle, don’t complain. Same Message & Too Much Noise. Digital Wisdom is creation versus consumption. Be the blogs, social media, podcast, youtube. What does it mean just scrolling your feed every day every night for the right kick to start creation, recording, posting, distribution? Did listening to all of them made an impact on your lives? Think about it. Don’t fool yourselves for a long time. Don’t crave for motivation all the time. People say knowledge has the power but wisdom say knowledge without utilization is just TRASH in our minds
Let’s do deeper conversation, self-talk, self-discovery. Here it comes Digital WISDOM

It took me a lot of time, self-talk, self-motivation, and a couple of other things to start with this series as my self- belief is in trading attention thus, I found that podcasting is an extremely underpriced thing. All of us should start a podcast if we are into business, in the same way, all of you are starting blogs and youtube channels. Let’s do it, I figured out mine and you should figure out yours.

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