How To Start Blogging Career In Any Niche Without Money and Technical Background

How To Start Blogging Career In Any Niche Without Money and Technical Background post thumbnail image

Start A Blogging Career and earning money In Any Niche Without any Technical Background and Money is the dream of many

Step 1 – Know yourself

My Blogging Journey so far

Before giving you a bit of advice let me tell you why I started blogging career when I was neither a content writer nor a blogger. I had heard from other people about blogging. You will be surprised to know that I was not a computer engineer as well. But my journey as a blogger started too.

It was 2018…

I was not working anywhere, single and searching for a passion project such a business. I always wanted to start a business without money. But there is no such business on this earth, I guess. I started one online shopping website which is still running. Initial days were extremely excited when the first time I started making my own website, decided its name, told people about my new venture. It was not an easy journey though as I had to meet many legal formalities.

Fast forward, today and my blogging website, that you are on right now, has millions of readers of course. I am not bragging but it’s just a motivation for all of you.

Guys, The craziest this I want to tell you that this is not my first blogging website. I committed this mistake twice. I tell you it is a mistake not because my first blog was a failure but it was not of my taste. Being a woman, I thought it would be easy to write about fashion and it’s wings, however, this was a mistake of mine. My first blog Fashionist Women started doing better as most of people are crazy about their skin, body, and fashion. It was a failure because I was not in a mood to write quality content for this blog. I never advertised Fashionist Women but I was getting good traffic. Once out of curiosity I wrote about the Korean skincare regime, you won’t believe on the very first day thousand of people visited that post.

I am not saying all this to brag but to explain that pick your taste first. You need to check what do you like to write the most. I wasn’t a “writer” though so I did not know my taste too. So my personal advice is before you buy any domain and start writing, you have to start writing on some free blogging websites. There are many available on the internet. Experiment this for a month or two. If you really want to make blogging your career then you have to sacrifice this time. It is a real investment for your whole career, otherwise, you will end up wasting your quality time and some money too.

Like me, you all will be in the situation which we call fear or unknown. Now, what is the fear of the unknown? For a beginner, there one common thing that holds everyone back from the first day was a strange feeling of not knowing how or where to start, fear of failure and fear of being trolled by online communities.

Also, I want to commit that I had zero social circle as I was not on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I was introvert and I always afraid of posting my content and my pictures online. I was not having the confidence to build a strong online community.

If there is any single person out there having similar thoughts, but have the zeal to make a blogging career, I am happy to help that single person through my post. I will be everything explaining step by step


Now let’s talk about the real issue that is how to start a blog from scratch without any technical background and start earning handsomely at home with less equipment as well as little money.

Let’s swim together.

Step 2 – Find your WHY

Why blogging? Why not any other 9-5 job?

People start blogs for no reason or for some fancy fashionable reasons and end up nowhere. You may see thousands of bloggers starting and ending.


If you just blog for money then my friend excuse me,

We have a reason for everything we do in our daily life. We know why we go to school, why we eat food, why we exercise etc.

Similarly, you need to find out this WHY and it should be strong enough. If you are able to find out this strong reason then you will survive the rains and you will keep going. This keeps you active all the time to write quality content.

My reason was really simple. I worked for 6 years and my job was very hectic. I never liked the idea of being an employee at some ABC firm. Similarly, you ought to find your reason of start. Keep aside your attitude, ego, etc.

What you can learn and increase in blogging?
Social Life
Technical Skills
and the list goes on.

So if you are done with why and now you are willing to get started, I am going to share my success mantra with you all in easy steps.

Are you passionate about something?

You may say Yes to a lot of things but you need to sort out the most appropriate one in this case. You need not to get emotional now. You cannot say I love food thus, I can write quality content on food. Absolutely wrong.

Starting a blog is easy but make it going will be tough. If your why is strong then your How will be easy to find and why will be there to keep you on track, fill you with energy and never let you down.

Ask yourself
What do you love the most in general life as well as in your professional or academic life? It could be anything even an academic subject.
What tastes inspire you and help you write with ease?

Starting a blog on your passion is an essential part of sustaining a blog throughout your life. You will easily find like-minded people and I am sure you already knew a few who can guide you.
Let me give you an example of my friend Jane. She did her Bachelor in Electronics Engineering, end up in a Software Developer job which she hated the most. She worked for 5-6 years just for the sake of money. She was very sick when she left the job because 24 hours she felt the job pressure. She lost her happiness and joy. What she gained working so hard? She found what she loves during her job. She used to talk to her colleagues who were into digital marketing and she started her digital marketing blog later on.

Do you experience such craze for something? Just search and start working on it. You will never get bored with such things related to which you are more excited about, and it will motivate you to push that little bit harder when it feels like your trust is spinning.

Write down your taste or passion. Think about it for some time again and again. If your energy does not go down then yes this is the best thing to explore further.

Starting a blog is also starting your passion.

If you are done with all of the above things, believe me, your 50% work is done.

Step 3 – Find your audience

You are surprised why to start searching for the audience at this level when you did not write a piece of paper. Absolutely right. You need the audience at the end of the day. What will you do with content if you do not know where to spread that information. Who needs that content the most? Do some online research on this. You need to know about some search engines such as Google, yahoo, traffic, post share, click-throughs, analytics, AdSense, affiliate marketing, etc too. Everything is required to touch people at ground level. You are writing in the United States and audiences from Europe should enjoy your content. You need to learn ways to increase your audience in advance.
Your audience (people across the globe) will keep you active, give you feedback, etc and will wait for your next piece of blog.

You don’t have to pay to your audience at any stage as you can spread your content free. Your audience will love to comment, share and interact with you. Make a real connection with people it will last longer than you thing. Your impression will be on their mind always. If you touch them personally one time, they will be your audience forever. Without a real audience, your blog will die a slow death.

Where you can find your audience?
Social Media such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter – Only platform where you are getting millions of followers.
Email Marketing
Messaging platforms such as WhatsApp

Here are some tips:

Try to get information about today’s problems, fears, dreams, and challenges – Talk about them
As there is a lot of content available on the internet so ask your peers what they want to read more about this topic?
A questionnaire or poll such as on Facebook is a good thing to start with.
Which is the most occupied social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter, Twitter, Facebook, Somewhere else?
What other bloggers are doing in your niche?
Do some research just by typing the related keyword on google.

Step 4 – Most difficult task is to choose a unique name for your brand

When I started my blogs and company, I used a lot of ways. I always love french and Spanish languages so I tried to translate the name from English to french and so on. My first outsourcing company Vitesse Logiciels was the product of this research. Then next one Vogue And You, It was a result of the fashionable name for Fashion. Next one Digital marketing Lord means Lord of the Digital Marketing. Ma Panache was on similar lines as Vitesse Logiciels. My other venture oyEnglish dot com is funny collaboration like we Punjabis say Oye and I added English with it.

But I must say you are never lucky enough to find the name you want to. Make a list of 50 names I suggest then only you can reach at desired name.
There are many companies that do translation from their mother tongue words.

Unique brand name will always help you to stand out in the crowd. As you know blog’s name and brand name is more than just a URL that we purchase from some XYZ company. It should tell your passion clearly. I assume small brand names are easy to recall, are memorable, catchy too. The name should be meaningful and congruent to your audience. It should link with your passion.

Step 5 – Choose a website hosting

Initially, I asked you to start blogs on some free blogging websites. Now you need your own website to your blog up and running to the world.

I do not want to promote any hosting company. You can just go to the internet there are many hosting companies. You need to find yourself. If you still face any problem finding a hosting company you can write back to me either in the comment section or contact here. I would love to reply back.

Do some research and take some cheap hosting first as I assume you are not earning well at this time.

Step 6 – Blogging platform

The Best blogging platform is of course WordPress.

When you buy your domain, you can directly install the WordPress there. If you face any kind of issue, just open a ticket to your hosting company and they will do it for you.


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